Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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mask L'Biotic BIOVAX

decided that the first cosmetic scrap describe a series of my favorite hair mask - BIOVAX L'Biotic. BIOVAX is a newer version of the old Waxa the same company. From the beginning, when appeared on the market, a few years ago, until now there was no point where I did not have any of these masks in the bathroom. :) We like a lot, you can even say that on each other, because I love my hair BIOVAX.

Masks L'Biotic BIOVAX

manufacturer offers six series of cosmetics (from left):
  1. weak hair with a tendency to fall out
  2. for dry and damaged hair
  3. blond hair
  4. for oily hair
  5. hair weakened
  6. dark hair
masks are amazing warehouses, these inconspicuous packaging you will find such treats hair as sweet almond oil, honey, panthenol, aloe vera, aloe vera and milk protein. I like the most three - for dry and damaged hair, dark hair and hair weakened. I can safely say that these masks are a real help for your hair. Although beaten by two years every day was drying her hair, and sometimes straighten it never had problems with their good nutrition and lubrication. Hair is flexible, shiny, healthy look and it is not to the effect 'of washing to wash'. The final split end I remember a few years ago. :) I know and like many other masks, but more expensive and cheaper BIOVAX I always have and I will be.


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